February 7, 2014

So much to choose from on Take Your Camera To Work Day! Eagles on my way into work (sorta kinda counts but doesn’t) and some aircraft on the way home.  But I was hoping to capture the elusive Burnt Out Snow Plow.

A few days ago a snow plow caught fire in the middle of our parking lot, and it’s hulking mass is still sitting there.  I didn’t bring my camera to work for the past 2 days, and I didn’t want to miss a chance to photograph it so I hoped the thing was still sitting there when I got to work. And I got lucky.

Call me crazy, but I don't think they meant to get rid of snow by burning up the snow plow.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think they meant to get rid of snow by burning up the snow plow.

This poor thing. I’m glad no one was hurt, but man. This SUCKS. I got up close and personal with it and could still smell the charred remains. This is NOT a pleasant smell.



The guts of this machine seem to be exposed.

Bunch o Wires

Bunch o Wires

This poor thing looks slightly defeated.

Sad, sad snow plow.

Sad, sad snow plow.

Day 38, char-grilled.


Should you be curious about the light, I took two sets of pictures today–one in the morning and one when I left work. It was a beautiful blue sky this morning but by 1700 the skies became overcast.

February 3, 2014

I had to go back and fix yesterday’s post title. Apparently I thought it was January again. Whoops. O_O

Took the camera to work. I hoped to get out for a break early in the day as it was beautifully clear. By the time I left it was much colder and the light was beginning to fade.

I managed to get a couple of shots in but nothing extraordinary. I’m not sure what type aircraft this is, but it’s an interesting perspective. It’s not too often that one gets to see the belly of a bird like this.

Who wants their belly rubbed?

Who wants their belly rubbed?

Had it been busier at work when I left I would have had the chance to get a few more aircraft, but with the dropping temperature and the fading light I wasn’t going to stick around. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Day 34, meh.

January 23, 2014

I’d like to rant about working late, how cold it is, my headache and other general bad luck but I don’t have the energy. *yawn*

The only thing good about working late tonight was that I had a dark road to myself long enough to try out the night time setting on my camera (one of those settings I discovered when I *finally* read my user’s manual!). I first tried taking a picture of one of the runways near my work, but I think I needed to have a tripod handy to get a clear, steadied shot. Instead, I directed my attention to the terminal and placed my camera on top of my car to steady the camera.

It’s my first “clean” night time shot, and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m planning on peeking at the stats on the picture to see what the camera’s setting were for this; maybe I can replicate it by hand.

If only one of those aircraft would take me to a warmer place.

Day 23, tired.

January 14, 2014

Today’s photo is entitled “Ignorance Must Be Bliss”. I’d like to call it something as snarky or as angry as this makes me feel, but I’d rather not start dropping F-Bombs all over the place. Feel free to offer your own suggestions!

This kind of crap *infuriates* me. A hot, white flash in the center of my being ignites, and I want to shake the living crap out of someone. The older I get, the more it bothers me. WTH, people?!

“Please do not put boxes in bin”. Oh, really? Well, take that! Pizza box! Boom! Oh, and here’s another box! Hey, let’s throw some trash in the paper recycling bin while we’re at it!

People who do this are assholes.  Just saying.

Ok, so steering this back to learning to use my camera: I did cycle through the various lighting settings when I was taking pictures, trying best to capture to the Total Ass-Hattery I was witnessing. I think this setting worked the best.

And then after I left work, I made myself feel better by taking another pretty picture of the moon.

(I can’t wait to learn to take good night shots. Working at the ass end of an airport gives me plenty of opportunity for nighttime runway/airplane pics. It’ll be tough, but I’ll try to be patient.)

My apologies for my frequent use and variation of the word “ass” this evening.

Day 14 (seriously? 2 weeks?!), teach people some common decency, wouldja?

January 13, 2014

I think things are slowly starting to click.

I finally took a non-smoke break, grabbed my camera and headed out for the parking lot where I eyeballed birds, big and small.

This was the first picture I took of a big bird. I was fairly impressed! (Truth be told, I was more shocked that it came out than impressed, but don’t tell anyone.)

Wheels in the belly, no less. Climb, baby, climb!

I thought I’d try my hand at some nighttime scenes, but I figured out pretty quickly that I need to learn a bit more about that before I try to get all fancy. So I took a few pictures of the moon.

My favorite shot.

So that’s that. Day 13, I think I like you.