January 31, 2014

If you’re a perpetual workaholic such as myself, you may crave those moments when you get the family around the table for a simple old fashioned board game. No bells, lights and whistles…just world domination.

This evening I found myself playing Risk. First timer. I never had any desire to play it, but The Husband recently got on a board game kick and wanted to pick it up. The 12YO took to it like a duck to water. She had this killer instinct and it payed off. At one point she surrounded my poor little guy on three sides to indicate she was serious about her attack. Little snot. She got me.

I was inspired to capture a bit of this game for my shot this evening. I was having a bit of a time figuring out what to do with the light (nothing) or if I should use the flash (no). In the end I got the camera down low to the little men doing battle and zoomed in as far as I could before the image got too blurry. One of the things that made this particular image stand out over the others was that I caught my daughter reaching for a piece in the background. I think that gives it a nice, authentic touch.

I tried again this evening to tinker with the image using a photo editor, but this go round it didn’t feel right so I left it.

The Husband got a dude on a horse. I got annihilated.

The Husband got a dude on a horse. I got annihilated.

That’s one month in the bag. Still a lot to learn, but at least my camera doesn’t intimidate me quite as much anymore.

Day 31, over and out.