March 8, 2014

I think I finally got the feel for messing with the camera’s settings for shutter speed, and balancing out the ISO. It’s extremely helpful that my camera lets me know when I’m making errors with the two, as the view screen shows that my world is either darkening or lightening. Somehow I set a small window for the shutter speed (or was that the F-stops?) and I need to eliminate that narrow window.

The 13YO had a day and a half of softball games so I went to work on trying to get some action shots of the girls.  When I set the Sports/Action setting on the camera I kept getting a lot of blurred images. I had thought that the camera would capture the action within motion, but it seemed that it was getting more motion than action. I’m not sure if that makes any sense. But once I went to the manual mode and set a higher shutter speed I started to get less of that.  So I’ve learned something there.

Out of all the shots today that took, I really like this one. It reminds me that Spring is nearly here (HURRY UP ALREADY!) and that means more ball playing.

The net that saves you from getting a ball to the face.

Day 58, a bit behind.

February 26, 2014

Not too much to say about today except that I still don’t appreciate my flash.



This is Storm. I wonder what he thinks about Isis not being around. This is the only picture I could get of him looking at me with his eyes open.

Day 57, done.

February 25, 2014

So much to do, so many projects to tackle. Get it all done. Not enough hours in the day. Work. Home. Play. Family.

Wrong order, dumbass.

The effort of it all is mind numbing. All I want to do is to lock myself in a room and soak up book after book. And take a picture every now and again to learn all about my camera. I want to do that, too. But to relax. To get sucked in to the story. That’s pure bliss.

The girls manage that. I have well worn books to prove it.

Harry Potter, much?

Harry Potter, much?

It should be of no surprise that I have yet to get my tripod. This weekend, this weekend. If I say it enough times it just might come true.

Day 56, never let them see you sweat.

February 24, 2014

I would love to show you the results of my sweating my @$$ off when I got home from work (I’m in the middle of reorganizing/shuffling furniture/spring cleaning/etc. and it’s getting REAL) but I’m sure that’s not nearly as interesting as this picture of my trees in bloom. I love the light quality–not too warm, not too dark.

The glow of a dying sky.

The glow of a dying sky.

I’m feeling a bit better about Isis today. I know that letting her go was the absolute right thing to do, but I can’t help but miss her. This is the first time I’ve lost a pet like this, and it’s a bitch. I wonder what my other 2 cats might be thinking, and I feel sorry for them, too.

Day 55, damnit.

February 22, 2014

Today we put my cat down. Her health had been spiraling out of control. I’ve had Isis for nearly 19 years, and I’m pretty sure that she was at least 2 years old when I rescued her outside my barracks at Fort Drum.

She was a great cat. And she was a bitch. But she was my bitch.

We buried Isis in a sunny spot in the backyard. Isis liked lounging in the sun.

I was surprised to hear a bird singing as we buried my cat. I looked up to find a male Cardinal chirping away in a nearby tree. The 13YO said he was singing for Isis. I like that idea.

Day 53, sad.


February 20, 2014

The wind was howling like a creature from another world when I got home. The 13YO was on the front porch, trying to keep the window from shaking because it was rattling so hard that she thought it might shatter (note to self, discuss consequences of Mother Nature, insane wind and loose porch windows with the 13YO). She was definitely freaked.

What other way is there to ease the freakiness of the weather than to bake cookies?

So The 13YO began to measure, to stir and to roll peanut butter cookies into proper cookie format, finishing up with the requisite fork impressions and sugar dusting. They. Looked. Mahvelous!  It is my duty to share these cookies with you, albeit virtually.

Here are The Cookies.  Smell them?

Peanut butter cookie goodness right here. Oh, yeah!

Peanut butter cookie goodness right here. Oh, yeah!

The weekend weather promises to be yet again DRUNK but hopefully there’ll be enough decent weather for some picture taking opportunites.

Day 51, peanut buttery.

February 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary to me and The Husband! 17 years today.

That is a LONG time. Not as long as some, longer than others.

My anniversary dinner is in a couple of days with another couple who we’ve been friends with for 1o years. Our oldest girls went to preschool together so naturally we became fast friends.

But no anniversary pictures tonight. That’s just filler.

It was a grey day today. There’s been too many of those, and I’m tempted to call Bullshit! to those who insist the sky is actually blue.  But I took my camera to work, and I remembered to bring it home. In between I took some pictures at the airport.

I tried to get a couple of some landing aircraft, but they weren’t all that interesting. What was interesting was a big ole huge Air Force bird lumbering its way down the length of the field to takeoff to destinations unknown.

Where might you be going, big guy?

Where might you be going, big guy?

I’m an Army girl myself, but even with this Air Force bird making it’s way down the airport I can’t help but smile.

So, to the picture. I was fussing about with the close in versus far away focal points. I can’t recall how to do that manually, so I let the Auto focus do it for me. Something to work on.



February 18. 2014

So yesterday I fall down, bust my ass and nearly bust my camera. Today I left my camera at work and drove a 40 mile round trip to recover it. I’ve used up my expletives. To be honest, I was a bit panicked.

The camera. Those images. My private life. Just sitting on my desk, hanging out. I’m in control of that, or at least I was until I left my camera at work. So I went back and found it exactly where I’d left it. Doubtful I’ll make that mistake again.

But I ended up back at the old home away from home at dusk. The sky was gorgeous. I thought I’d try for a few shots of some arriving aircraft. I found that it’s a bit tricky getting a clear hand held shot of a landing aircraft at night. Instead I turned my attention to the airport grounds and my daughter taking in the sights. I loved the light quality, and was surprised that it turned out somewhat decently in my pictures. This could have been a better shot with a tripod…which I still don’t have. I haven’t found The One yet.

Day 49, whacked.

February 17, 2014

This is actually a very important shot.  See, this morning we got a little bit of freezing rain. You know, the kind that freezes and makes everything slick.

I had taken my camera out the door, tucked away nice and neatly in the camera case, when I gingerly began my trek to the car. One baby step, two baby step, three big slide and SPLAT. Down I went.

After I finished swearing like a sailor and making my way to the car I noticed that I went down hard enough to draw blood. Great.

But there was the camera to deal with, and I began to bark out orders to the 13YO: “Take the camera out! Turn it on! Take a picture! Shake it! Hear anything?”

If this camera was broke I would die right there.

But it took a picture, albeit not a fantastic one…but a OhmigoshYourStillWorking! picture. And that was more than enough for me.

You still work! Yay!

Day 48, relieved.