January 25, 2014

I love those days that just flow. No drama. No catastrophes. Satisfying.

I don’t have many of those days, so I’m enjoying mine.

Things started to wind down as the sun was beginning to set. I love the way the light changes when this happens. It would be great to bottle it and sell it, but I’ll have to settle for trying to use it for an interesting picture.

As soon as the light began to change in the house I grabbed my camera. I needed a break from tidying anyway. I went back and forth between the manual and auto setting on my camera and used the two second timer to get this picture of my orchid.

Hello, lovely.

Hello, lovely.

Day 25, relaxed.

January 7, 2014

I have an orchid. This is the first one I’ve ever owned, and I like to think that I rescued it (as happens for most of the plants in my house–my husband is very indulging). If memory serves, I picked it up at the 9th Circle of Hell (Wal-Mart) on clearance when it had a few flowers in bloom. My first intention in all plant purchases is First Do No Harm. I’m getting better in recent years, but I’ve been known to barely keep a philodendron alive…and I’ve heard those are ridiculously easy to care for.

At any rate, the orchid displayed it’s lovely blooms for a time and then…nothing. I set out to keep it alive, and a month or so ago I realized that I needed to re-pot it. Not knowing what was entailed (orchids are a special bunch), I set off for YouTube. A video or two later, I got started.

I was extremely surprised to find that while I had essentially left the orchid to itself (beyond the weekly watering) it had sprouted another stem–and it had buds on it. I was ecstatic! When would it bloom? What colors would the flowers be? Any chance I could schedule an appointment to see it happen?

This morning I took a picture of my orchid. Something about it caught my attention; the lighting was low and it looked silhouetted and lovely. I was really pleased with the shot.

Waiting to bloom.

The ISO was set to 500. I moved it to and fro, trying to replicate the lighting I saw and this seemed to work best. I was happy that I didn’t wait until the last minute to get a picture in for my project (Yay! Proactive!).

Fast forward to Home From Work. I was thrilled to see that my orchid had bloomed.

Hello, lovely.

If I’m lucky I’ll see 9 more blooms. And I’ll be waiting to take a picture of each of them.

Day 7…not too bad.