February 17, 2014

This is actually a very important shot.  See, this morning we got a little bit of freezing rain. You know, the kind that freezes and makes everything slick.

I had taken my camera out the door, tucked away nice and neatly in the camera case, when I gingerly began my trek to the car. One baby step, two baby step, three big slide and SPLAT. Down I went.

After I finished swearing like a sailor and making my way to the car I noticed that I went down hard enough to draw blood. Great.

But there was the camera to deal with, and I began to bark out orders to the 13YO: “Take the camera out! Turn it on! Take a picture! Shake it! Hear anything?”

If this camera was broke I would die right there.

But it took a picture, albeit not a fantastic one…but a OhmigoshYourStillWorking! picture. And that was more than enough for me.

You still work! Yay!

Day 48, relieved.