February 4, 2014

I took this picture down at a riverfront park that I like to go to. I think there’s a great view of the Clark Bridge from this vantage point, especially if I climb up on the railing and lean over the fence.

Today we had snow move in, so as rush hour was in full swing the light quality began to change. This muted blue wouldn’t be my first choice as a background color, but it does tend to seep in to all that surrounds it.

Why so blue?

Why so blue?

What I had hoped to get on my way home was a great shot of the approach lights into STL fading into the grayness of the snow, but the weather was still having a hissy fit so that opportunity was blown. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 35, snowed.

January 24, 2014

I just wondered, Have I been using the right year in my post titles? I’ll have to back and check.  I haven’t had too much trouble writing out the wrong year so far, but it would be rather embarrassing to do it on a public platform like this.

Sorry, shiny object.

Speaking of shiny objects, I give you Nighttime Shot Take 2.  It’s more sparkly than shiny, but I think you get it. If not, I can’t help you.

Going home

Going home

I took some advice about using a timer for night shots, and it was recommended that a tripod would help keep night shots clear and crisp. I haven’t got a tripod yet (this weekend, come hell or high water) so I set the camera on top of my car and set the timer for 2 seconds. I like the way this picture came out, and I really love the reflection on the water. Still some work to do, but it’s progress. I hope the weather cooperates this weekend so I’m not stuck with grey skies.

Day 24, colorfully reflected.

Edit: Guess which dumb ass titled an entry with 2016?  This dumb ass. Jeesh.