February 26, 2014

Not too much to say about today except that I still don’t appreciate my flash.



This is Storm. I wonder what he thinks about Isis not being around. This is the only picture I could get of him looking at me with his eyes open.

Day 57, done.

February 22, 2014

Today we put my cat down. Her health had been spiraling out of control. I’ve had Isis for nearly 19 years, and I’m pretty sure that she was at least 2 years old when I rescued her outside my barracks at Fort Drum.

She was a great cat. And she was a bitch. But she was my bitch.

We buried Isis in a sunny spot in the backyard. Isis liked lounging in the sun.

I was surprised to hear a bird singing as we buried my cat. I looked up to find a male Cardinal chirping away in a nearby tree. The 13YO said he was singing for Isis. I like that idea.

Day 53, sad.