February 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary to me and The Husband! 17 years today.

That is a LONG time. Not as long as some, longer than others.

My anniversary dinner is in a couple of days with another couple who we’ve been friends with for 1o years. Our oldest girls went to preschool together so naturally we became fast friends.

But no anniversary pictures tonight. That’s just filler.

It was a grey day today. There’s been too many of those, and I’m tempted to call Bullshit! to those who insist the sky is actually blue. ┬áBut I took my camera to work, and I remembered to bring it home. In between I took some pictures at the airport.

I tried to get a couple of some landing aircraft, but they weren’t all that interesting. What was interesting was a big ole huge Air Force bird lumbering its way down the length of the field to takeoff to destinations unknown.

Where might you be going, big guy?

Where might you be going, big guy?

I’m an Army girl myself, but even with this Air Force bird making it’s way down the airport I can’t help but smile.

So, to the picture. I was fussing about with the close in versus far away focal points. I can’t recall how to do that manually, so I let the Auto focus do it for me. Something to work on.