February 21, 2014

One thing that I love about photography (whether you’re good, bad, indifferent or still learning) is that sometimes the most ordinary things take on a different look through a camera lens, and what is captured is altogether surprising and beautiful. Folks nail “that picture” all the time.  It’s a bit more of a surprise when it happens for me.

I took this picture from inside my car, listening to an audiobook as I waited for my daughter to get home from school. I had left work early enough hoping to catch her as she walked home, and I thought I might get to snap a few pictures of her completely unaware (stalker much?). Sadly, I became so engrossed in the random pictures I was taking (or was it while I was first playing Candy Crush?!) that I COMPLETELY missed her walking up and into the house.  I was in the driveway and failed to see my own daughter come home.  Jeesh.

So anyway. While I was knee deep in blissful ignorance, I started taking random pictures. I then started focusing on one of the trees in my front yard when I noticed the buds on the branches. They seem to be a bit anxious for Spring. I can relate.

Come on, you can do it!

Come on, you can do it!

This isn’t an extraordinary picture by any stretch, but I really like the light. I really like that I can see the little fuzz on the bud.  They are aimed at the sun, almost as if they are pleading to speed up time.

Again, I can relate.

Day 52, ready for Spring.


February 20, 2014

The wind was howling like a creature from another world when I got home. The 13YO was on the front porch, trying to keep the window from shaking because it was rattling so hard that she thought it might shatter (note to self, discuss consequences of Mother Nature, insane wind and loose porch windows with the 13YO). She was definitely freaked.

What other way is there to ease the freakiness of the weather than to bake cookies?

So The 13YO began to measure, to stir and to roll peanut butter cookies into proper cookie format, finishing up with the requisite fork impressions and sugar dusting. They. Looked. Mahvelous!  It is my duty to share these cookies with you, albeit virtually.

Here are The Cookies.  Smell them?

Peanut butter cookie goodness right here. Oh, yeah!

Peanut butter cookie goodness right here. Oh, yeah!

The weekend weather promises to be yet again DRUNK but hopefully there’ll be enough decent weather for some picture taking opportunites.

Day 51, peanut buttery.

February 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary to me and The Husband! 17 years today.

That is a LONG time. Not as long as some, longer than others.

My anniversary dinner is in a couple of days with another couple who we’ve been friends with for 1o years. Our oldest girls went to preschool together so naturally we became fast friends.

But no anniversary pictures tonight. That’s just filler.

It was a grey day today. There’s been too many of those, and I’m tempted to call Bullshit! to those who insist the sky is actually blue.  But I took my camera to work, and I remembered to bring it home. In between I took some pictures at the airport.

I tried to get a couple of some landing aircraft, but they weren’t all that interesting. What was interesting was a big ole huge Air Force bird lumbering its way down the length of the field to takeoff to destinations unknown.

Where might you be going, big guy?

Where might you be going, big guy?

I’m an Army girl myself, but even with this Air Force bird making it’s way down the airport I can’t help but smile.

So, to the picture. I was fussing about with the close in versus far away focal points. I can’t recall how to do that manually, so I let the Auto focus do it for me. Something to work on.



February 18. 2014

So yesterday I fall down, bust my ass and nearly bust my camera. Today I left my camera at work and drove a 40 mile round trip to recover it. I’ve used up my expletives. To be honest, I was a bit panicked.

The camera. Those images. My private life. Just sitting on my desk, hanging out. I’m in control of that, or at least I was until I left my camera at work. So I went back and found it exactly where I’d left it. Doubtful I’ll make that mistake again.

But I ended up back at the old home away from home at dusk. The sky was gorgeous. I thought I’d try for a few shots of some arriving aircraft. I found that it’s a bit tricky getting a clear hand held shot of a landing aircraft at night. Instead I turned my attention to the airport grounds and my daughter taking in the sights. I loved the light quality, and was surprised that it turned out somewhat decently in my pictures. This could have been a better shot with a tripod…which I still don’t have. I haven’t found The One yet.

Day 49, whacked.

February 17, 2014

This is actually a very important shot.  See, this morning we got a little bit of freezing rain. You know, the kind that freezes and makes everything slick.

I had taken my camera out the door, tucked away nice and neatly in the camera case, when I gingerly began my trek to the car. One baby step, two baby step, three big slide and SPLAT. Down I went.

After I finished swearing like a sailor and making my way to the car I noticed that I went down hard enough to draw blood. Great.

But there was the camera to deal with, and I began to bark out orders to the 13YO: “Take the camera out! Turn it on! Take a picture! Shake it! Hear anything?”

If this camera was broke I would die right there.

But it took a picture, albeit not a fantastic one…but a OhmigoshYourStillWorking! picture. And that was more than enough for me.

You still work! Yay!

Day 48, relieved.

February 16, 2014

Today was extremely busy. Lots of heavy lifting, sweating and swearing.

All I want to do right now is curl up in bed with a book and decompress.  I have several books to choose from. Do I read a “real” book? Bust out my Nook? Listen to an audio book?  Sometimes I do all three; I’m working on several stories right now.

My girls are book freaks, too. The 13YO decided to go through the kids books this weekend and set aside those that deserved to be shared. I spotted two of the books that I read to my girls in the pile and nearly had a cow: Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball by Vicki Churchill and My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.  Each of these are perfectly illustrated and hold some of the dearest memories of my early days of Motherhood.

Oh, no. Those aren’t going anywhere.

But I was struck by their changing tastes.  The Junie B books that my youngest wouldn’t dare let me consider sharing was now freely in a box. There were Rainbow Fairies, Judy Moody and Stink.


It’s a bittersweet thing, seeing these books ready to be given to new homes. Hey, wait…what’s that World of Fairies book doing in that stack?!?

Day 47, hoarding.

February 15, 2014

I took a lot of pictures tonight. I had to–my best friend is moving back to California in the next couple of days, and who knows how soon I’ll get to see her again. It was our last night together.

So, point and click. Click click click, and click some more at her kids. Her wonderful, crazy, beautiful kids. I love them like they are my own. And my kids are going to miss my best friend and her wonderful, crazy beautiful kids because they are all great friends.  Just like their moms.

I captured the essence of my best friendship, but not with my best friend. I did it accidentally, not having any idea that I did it. Only after sitting down with my best friend and going through the pictures did I see it. And we both latched on to this particular picture, but for different reasons.

In our girls, I see us. I see the pure joy of being a friend, the unabashed delight of being yourself around someone who gets you. And the someone who gets all of your own wonderful, crazy, beautiful bits.

These two. Right here.

Day 46, pass the tissues.