February 11, 2014

The pictures I took today are more terrestrial in nature than yesterday. I must admit that I was so excited about my picture taking activities last night that I went back out in the frigid cold twice more to try to get clearer shots. I only managed to freeze my butt off. But it was fun. I haven’t had that much fun in frigid temperatures in like…ever.

Today I turned my attention to a sparrow that was taking up residence in a tree in my front yard. I tried to get a shot or two of a male cardinal that was chasing a female around but they wouldn’t stay in one place long enough for me to point the camera in their direction. So, to the sparrow quietly watching all the activity around him.

Tweet, tweet.

Seeing those buds on the tree branches, I’m reminded that Spring is impatiently waiting for Winter to be done with its acid trip.  I’m hoping the sparrow is plotting to get it’s revenge on Winter by crapping all over his freshly washed car.

Day 42, chilled.

February 5, 2014

I’m so done with winter. This California girl has never acclimated to the Midwest. 

Take, for example, the snow. When I grew up we had to drive to the snow if we wanted to play in it. Swear it.  Now I could trip off of my front steps and land in a big pile of it. It was frigid, as far as we were concerned, if the temperature dipped below 70 degrees.  I’ve got windchills in the negative.

I know some have it worse than me, so I’ll only complain a wee bit. But UGH. 

I had to bundle up–hoodie, coat, scarf, hat and gloves–before stepping outside to try to get a night time shot. I popped over to the Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument hoping to get a nice lighted shot but was dashed by the grey & gloomy skies. I could tell by the tracks in the snow that someone braved the cold for a trip up to the monument but I wasn’t so brave.  I took my shots and then headed back to the refuge of my warm car.  I’d like to visit it again when the weather is decent. I’ve been here almost 16 years and I’ve never come up here. (Insert guilt < here > )  

This looks a lot better in the daylight.

 Day 36, meh.

An aside

This is my first experience with WordPress, so I’m navigating the themes and whatnot.  I feel slightly scatterbrained trying to figure out how I want this to look (as evidenced by the hour I’ve spent trying to navigate through this).  This is like trying on a whole new wardrobe.  Yikes!

Be patient with me, mmkay?