February 18. 2014

So yesterday I fall down, bust my ass and nearly bust my camera. Today I left my camera at work and drove a 40 mile round trip to recover it. I’ve used up my expletives. To be honest, I was a bit panicked.

The camera. Those images. My private life. Just sitting on my desk, hanging out. I’m in control of that, or at least I was until I left my camera at work. So I went back and found it exactly where I’d left it. Doubtful I’ll make that mistake again.

But I ended up back at the old home away from home at dusk. The sky was gorgeous. I thought I’d try for a few shots of some arriving aircraft. I found that it’s a bit tricky getting a clear hand held shot of a landing aircraft at night. Instead I turned my attention to the airport grounds and my daughter taking in the sights. I loved the light quality, and was surprised that it turned out somewhat decently in my pictures. This could have been a better shot with a tripod…which I still don’t have. I haven’t found The One yet.

Day 49, whacked.