February 10, 2014

I was super excited to get home early enough to bust out my camera to try to capture…something. Anything! There was still daylight left and I could spot a bit of blue in the sky.  Turns out I ended up taking nighttime pictures anyway when I looked up and saw the moon looking down at me…with a buddy.

Turns out that buddy is Jupiter. Oh!  Well, let’s see then (rubs hands together).

(Let’s all remember that I’m still learning…and effectively still barely understand what I’m doing.)

First go round.

First go round.  And who are you, little one?

Hmmm. What's all those extra light bits?

Hmmm. What’s all those extra light bits?

Hello, moon.

Hello, moon. Didn’t mean to ignore you.

Next attempt.

Next attempt. A bit more defined.

As good as it got.

As good as it got after a couple of internet tips. I was freezing my tuckus off and couldn’t tolerate being out much longer.

To think that I can see Jupiter with the naked eye is amazing in itself (don’t judge, I don’t get out a lot) but that I can get so close with my camera is pretty damned awesome. Those other little guys are part of the stars that make up the Gemini constellation…which is somewhat prophetic as I am too a Gemini (ok, I know it’s getting a bit thick up in here).

At any rate…wow.

Day 41, pretty damned cool.

Edit: Apparently I was crap-ass wrong about the objects appearing with Jupiter. They aren’t stars in a constellation…they are the four largest MOONS of Jupiter! Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. This makes this all the more fantastic (except the You Were Crap-Ass Wrong bit)!