January 27, 2014

It was a “Get home late from work so just take a picture already” kind of day. So not a lot of thought went into this picture, it was a point and shoot sort of thing.

It’s like I’m cheating, so that sucks. There’s no composition. There’s no feeling to it. I guess that’s what happens sometimes.

What I do like is this plant. I believe it’s a succulent of some sort, and I recall seeing one of these guys in a hanging plant and I fell in love with it. I’m hoping that it will take off and look as lush in my house as I saw in the nursery.  I mostly try to leave it alone for fear of over watering it. And I tell it that I love it. A lot. Plants like that sort of thing.

So here’s the picture. I didn’t use a flash, and I’m finding that I don’t use the flash much–or at all. Photos that I take using the flash seem to come out looking washed out. Maybe I just have to find the right combination of lights.

Day 27, to pooped to pop.

Imagine...I'm a lush little succulent.

Imagine…I’m a lush little succulent.

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