January 24, 2014

I just wondered, Have I been using the right year in my post titles? I’ll have to back and check.  I haven’t had too much trouble writing out the wrong year so far, but it would be rather embarrassing to do it on a public platform like this.

Sorry, shiny object.

Speaking of shiny objects, I give you Nighttime Shot Take 2.  It’s more sparkly than shiny, but I think you get it. If not, I can’t help you.

Going home

Going home

I took some advice about using a timer for night shots, and it was recommended that a tripod would help keep night shots clear and crisp. I haven’t got a tripod yet (this weekend, come hell or high water) so I set the camera on top of my car and set the timer for 2 seconds. I like the way this picture came out, and I really love the reflection on the water. Still some work to do, but it’s progress. I hope the weather cooperates this weekend so I’m not stuck with grey skies.

Day 24, colorfully reflected.

Edit: Guess which dumb ass titled an entry with 2016?  This dumb ass. Jeesh.


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