January 17, 2014

I remembered to take my SD card with me today. Small miracle! But man, was it cold.

I failed to pay attention to the weather when I left for work this morning. I ended up leaving in just a hoodie…no jacket. No gloves. No hat. No scarf. No personal space heater. Just a hoodie.

So when I headed outside to take my “non-smoking-smoke-break-disguised-as-a-picture-taking-opportunity” break, I made it about 20 feet before I realized this was going to a quick one or I was going to freeze to death. I walked as fast as I could to the other end of the parking lot, my cold fingers fumbling with knobbies and whirligigs. I began to lose rational thought and ended up pointing and clicking at what I could. This is why there’s an “up your nose” image of an airplane here now.

If it were a dog, I’d scratch its belly.

Tomorrow promises to be another bleak and dreary day, but hopefully I can try to turn that into an advantage.

Day 17, cold.


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