January 14, 2014

Today’s photo is entitled “Ignorance Must Be Bliss”. I’d like to call it something as snarky or as angry as this makes me feel, but I’d rather not start dropping F-Bombs all over the place. Feel free to offer your own suggestions!

This kind of crap *infuriates* me. A hot, white flash in the center of my being ignites, and I want to shake the living crap out of someone. The older I get, the more it bothers me. WTH, people?!

“Please do not put boxes in bin”. Oh, really? Well, take that! Pizza box! Boom! Oh, and here’s another box! Hey, let’s throw some trash in the paper recycling bin while we’re at it!

People who do this are assholes.  Just saying.

Ok, so steering this back to learning to use my camera: I did cycle through the various lighting settings when I was taking pictures, trying best to capture to the Total Ass-Hattery I was witnessing. I think this setting worked the best.

And then after I left work, I made myself feel better by taking another pretty picture of the moon.

(I can’t wait to learn to take good night shots. Working at the ass end of an airport gives me plenty of opportunity for nighttime runway/airplane pics. It’ll be tough, but I’ll try to be patient.)

My apologies for my frequent use and variation of the word “ass” this evening.

Day 14 (seriously? 2 weeks?!), teach people some common decency, wouldja?