January 10, 2014

It was Take Your Camera To Work Day!

I was packin’ heat as I strolled into work, camera bag slung all tough-like over my shoulder next to my purse. It was time to combine all of those smoke breaks I don’t take because I don’t smoke and get out into the field to get some real action. In daylight. (I am so craving daylight.)

So I charged up the battery and imagined all of the possibilities. Unfortunately, my day turned into one big meeting and I didn’t take my non-smoking break. My workday ended (late) sans daylight.

But I imagined another possibility, and I was intrigued. This could be it. I went through camera settings in my mind, mentally adjusting what I would need to make this shot happen. I was even thinking of F stops, I was so in the zone.

But as I was putting my charged battery into my camera I noticed that I had failed to consider one tiny little detail. The memory disk was missing.

I had left it in my laptop. At home.

Sadly, I can’t take a picture without it. (Really, Canon? Not even a little bit of space to take a few pictures without the memory card?!)

Well, @#$%.

So here’s a picture I took from my front steps.  The snow in my world is melting away, helped along by falling rain. I have a dodgy streetlamp that chooses to light up as often as The 13YO cleans her room, and I thought it would be a neat challenge to get the lamp-lit tree in the rain. It’s pretty close to the light quality outside.

My trees are twinkling.

 Good intentions don’t mean a good shot. Or a shot, period. Lesson learned: double check you have your memory disk…or get a spare.

Day 10, night night.


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