January 9, 2014

I’m so tempted to cheat.

My husband took the girls sledding this afternoon and he took my camera. Thankfully he didn’t get snow in it (I asked) but he did manage to take some really awesome pictures of our kids. One picture captures The 12YO midair after she hit a bump in the snow on the sled. It’s like looking at joy. Another is an unguarded shot of The 13YO where I can almost see her essence. Sounds hokey, but I’m absolutely serious. This is the kind of stuff you can’t stage.

So, yeah. I’d love to drop one or both of those here. I wouldn’t claim them as mine, but my husband did some work…he should get the spoils of victory, right?

Sadly, no. Instead, I do this. Drop in a picture taken from my kitchen looking into my backyard. It’s debatable whether the dog did the damage in the snow or if my girls did it. My money is on the dog.

I got nothing on this one. I’m desperate for the weekend so I can get out and take pictures of stuff outside of my house (assuming I can take the weekend off). We have eagles winter here, so it would be amazing if I could get one of those beauties in flight. I’d better start reading up on taking pictures of birds. Or airplanes. I have plenty of those around.

Day 9, go away. Bring me the weekend. 

Melt, damn you!


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