January 8, 2014

“Mom, there’s an audition for Hairspray on Wednesday, can I go?”

It was these words, along with pleading puppy dog eyes, that had me leaving work early enough to head home, collect up The 13YO, and drive a town or two away so she could make it to The Audition by 6pm.

“It shouldn’t take too long.”

Ok, this was a Big Fat Lie. Not her fault, but still. I now firmly believe that there isn’t anything in theater that doesn’t “take too long”. And if this is the avenue that The 13YO wants to pursue, then Oh Boy.

As a result of The Big Fat Lie we didn’t get home until nearly 10pm. I required photographic evidence. Sorry, it’s the best I can do presently.

Day 8, unimpressed.

Eating dinner past 2200 sucks, especially if you weren’t planning on it.