January 3, 2014

Today’s lesson: A good picture can’t be rushed.

Perhaps it can be, but I’m no where near being about to pull something great on the fly. The start of the new year has been anything but quiet and idyllic, so I haven’t been able to put much into the shots I’ve been taking because there’s not been time. A poor excuse, but sadly spot on.

Here I’m trying to work up a close shot of one of my plants. It was practically dead when I bought it a couple of months ago and in the last couple of days I was surprised by a little bloom. Cute wee thing. I’d hug it but then I’d end up killing it, so yeah…I won’t be doing that.

I want those tight, crisp close ups but that’s not what happened here. I had to fuss with the ISO, so I worked with that until I got somewhat decent lighting. Clearly not enough for what I was going for, but it’s a start.

You’re an adorable little flower, aren’t you?