January 2, 2014

I had high hopes today.

I work near an airport (there’s a runway outside of my building). I thought I could take my camera to work and try for a cool shot of an aircraft on its takeoff roll with the snow blowing all around and…yeah. Didn’t happen.Things got too busy.

When I finally left work, there was an amazing sliver of the moon and I thought, Oooh! Perfect! So we drove down a ways where there wasn’t so much light pollution (at least I know about that) and I jumped out of my friend’s truck to try to capture this beautiful sight.

And that didn’t happen either, really. What did happen is that I hadn’t switched back the settings I had changed on my camera. So I ended up standing in the middle of a dark, empty road, trying to remember which camera function I was supposed to be messing with to get a crisp, perfect shot all the while freezing my ass off. Apparently it felt like it was 1°F. Brr.

I did manage to get a couple of pictures but they aren’t all that great. When I got home I pulled out my camera and looked around the house for something to take a picture of. And so that’s why you see a picture of a lighted snowman here.

This is not an especially great picture, but I think I like the feeling of depth it has. And darnit, that snowman is adorable.

My lesson learned today: put everything back in its place or freeze your ass off and not get a good picture.

Day two in the bag.


He makes me feel warm inside, because he’s warm inside.


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