Who, what, when, where and why.

Hi!  I’m Elizabeth.

So here’s the story.  My husband got me a camera for Christmas.  I opened the box in the exact same spot that I am typing, deleting, and re-typing this entry so I think it’s kismet that I am beginning this blog here, right where I’m sitting.

This thing has a crap load of dials and doohickeys (only a slight exaggeration), and I’m scared to death that when I hold the camera I’m going to drop it.  It’s got a language all its own and I don’t speak camera.  So I have to learn.

While I’m learning to speak this new language (ISO, aperture, focal length, metering, white balance, et al) I figure that I’ll end up learning to take better pictures.  So here we are.

I’m hoping to document my progress over the course of the year, and my goal is to publish a picture once a day.  And I *really* hope that each picture that I post will be better than the one I put up the day before.  

Fingers crossed.

Look at all this gobbledygook! I’m screwed.


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