January 1, 2014

When I decided to start this blog so I could track my progress with my new camera, I set a goal to take a picture a day and publish it. I’m realizing after only one entry (yay, way to think this through!) that this is a bit of a lofty goal.  I’m (obviously) not a professional photographer, so I don’t tote around my camera everywhere I go.  Clearly I’m going to have to work in some camera time each day if I’m going to be able to attain my goal of a picture a day.  but I have that New Year’s optimism, so we’ll see.

Sadly, I’m a procrastinator.  Add to that my being sick over the last 36 hours and you won’t be surprised to find that I waited until the last minute (read: nearly forgot) to bust out the camera and point and click to get a shot in.

If you read the very first entry, you know that I’m learning Camera Language.
It’s like learning Klingon, only harder.

When I took the picture below, I was fussing with the ISO on my camera.  Apparently, when you take your camera off the Auto settings, damn near everything you do requires you to have a very steady hand.  I was outside on my front steps–no shoes (I was wearing socks, I’m not stupid)–and the temperature was 26 degrees.  So I was a bit chilled.  Chilled & no shoes means not a steady hand.  This is the 6th picture I took, and the clearest.

I don’t completely understand what ISO is, but I know that it has to do with the amount of light that the camera uses when capturing a picture.  You can have a lot, or a little.  This picture was taken when the ISO on my camera was set to 500.  It can go as low as 80, or as high as 6400.

The camera I have is a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS.  I don’t understand what all the letters represent, but I know it’s smarter than I am.  I have a lot to learn.

Be thankful that I chose this picture to put up, and not one of the  others that would make you think you're drunk.

Be thankful that I chose this picture to put up, and not one of the others that would make you think you’re drunk.


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